I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wild Heart

~ New-Venties ~

Wrench:: {yumyums} :: Cyber Wrench ( Pink & Orange ) :: * We Love RP *
Legs:: [Geek.] :: Chubby Chimi Legs ( RARE ) :: * Tales of Fantasy * 
Armor Jewels:: LUAS :: Ishtar Jewels :: * Tales of Fantasy * 
Poses:: //Elephante Poses// :: The Temptress :: * Tales of Fantasy *
Nail Appliers:: Adoness :: Basics Mono to Goth :: * Thrift Shop *
Headpiece:: +Half-Deer+ :: Summer Delights ( Octonilla ) :: * The Arcade *

~ Dress Me Up, Oppa ~

Bracelets:: LUAS :: Nubia Bangles 
Ears:: Mandala :: Fantasy Elf
Collar:: Delicious :: Belt Collar
Corset:: Goth1c0 :: Dark Wishes
Skirt:: League :: Nyx Skirt
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Charmmy ( Abyss ) 
Makeup:: Dead Apples :: Anime Face D
Paint:: Dead Apples :: Leopard War Paint
Wolf Makeup:: //Elephante poses// :: Wolf Eyes
Hair:: [LCKY] :: Zoe 
Tattoo:: Pantsu*Hunter :: Lace Tattoo 

~ Blurbble ~

I am really miserable. Since taking more responsibility at work I get yelled at more frequently causing me to mess up more, I am basically being bullied by my boss. I wish sometimes I could shut life off for awhile. I am always suppose to be the happy one, always suppose to go through  my days with a smile on my face it is expected of me. One day I am not happy I get called " cranky " or " having an attitude ". Dont people understand I just want to be left alone, to do my job without someone telling me all my flaws. This isnt high school.

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