I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby Baro-que Pygmy

~ New-Venties ~

" The Lilac version of these pumps is a FREE gift ( Hunt item ) and does not come with a HUD to change the wings or gem, it is a Fixed color. " - MADE FOR SLINK HIGH

Skin:: Pink Acid :: Annette (Butterscotch) :: * Cosmetic Fair Beach Party *
" This is a wonderful skin by Pink Acid, and one of my favorites from the Cosmetics Fair..This skin has everything you could ever..Appliers Appliers and what even more appliers..She pretty much covered every base with appliers. "  ( Psssst...I like Butterscotch it is my favorite tone )
Nail Applier:: Bella Elephante ::Miranda's Bow ( Dark Brown ):: * Cosmetic Fair Beach Party *
" 100L for Fingers, 100L for Toes = 175 L for Fatpack "

Hairpin:: {Amai} :: Chocolate Bat Hairpin :: * Gacha Mania *  50L Per Play
Hair:: !OhMai Salon :: Sopha ( w/Tweeters ) :: * Hair Fair *
" Sopha has a unique styled hud to change the color of the hair ( naturally ) and the color of the birds if you choose the Tweeters option...if you have sound on be prepared because these birds love to talk to you " 
Hair Wreath:: Ambrosia :: Rose Corolla ( Old Brown ) :: * Manga Fair 2014 *
Goat:: +Half-Deer+ :: Itty Bitty Pygmy Goat ( Mudcake ) :: * The Seasons Story *
" I adore this goat so much, and pretty much screamed Pygmy Goat through the rest of the fair ( I have witness' )...but OMG these little goats are HAIR DEMONS...! "

Lipstick:: .la petite morte. :: Marie Antoinette Lipstick ( Red ) :: * Genre *
Beauty Marks:: .la petite morte. :: Beauty Marks ( 3a ) :: * Genre *
Necklace:: [Lost Junction] :: Marie Necklace ( Therese Gold&Cream ) :: * Genre *
Poses/Mirror:: .Mien. :: Frivolity :: * Genre *
Dress:: Kaithleen :: Baroque Dress ( Creme ) :: * Genre *
Pipe:: Redux :: Baroque Pipe ( White Clay ) :: * Genre *
" The Pipe has a unique HUD system that can control time, smoke & speed for a unique happy smoke like time..with less the nicotine and guilt. "

~ Dress Me Up, Oppa ~

Eyes:; {S0NG} :: Lovelee ( Cold ) 
Eye Scar:: Corvus :: Eye Scar

~ Blurbble ~

So I have never worked so hard on photos before today.
I am testing...a couple posts of testing...Shadow testinggggg...
I want a photo box like my bestfriend Lilli has where I can put together simple scenes and I dont want to copy her swagger so I am gonna see if I can find one myself..or make one like I did my green box..with the help of Elephante Poses since I am her bed bug.
Yeah I cant seen to do much crafting myself. I am the creative looks department...sign me up!

Today I had the worst case of word vomiting...I can not style typing and can easily write a 10 page paper on how I am feeling mixed with, life stories & humor. Someone stop me. 

I also changed my shape after a miscommunication with LCKY hair required me to fix my head making me have chipmunk cheeks and then the rest is history...I decided to go to a more natural curvy avatar that looks more like me in RL. I will most likely alternate between.

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