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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Behind the Aura


Shoulder Lovings:: Buttery Toast :: Emelia (Hudded) :: * Thrift Shop *
Sleeves:: [Geek.] :: Fox Sleeves V.2 ( Black ) :: * We Love RP *
Shirt:: R3VOLT :: Emalyn Shirt ( Hudded ) :: * New *
Bunny Ears:: ALTAIR* :: Bunny Ears ( White ) :: * New *
Leggings:: PANIK :: High Queenie Leggins ( Noir ) :: * Kings & Queens Fair *

░░Dress Me Up, Oppa░░
( I made a new section called " Wear me Always " showing the stuff I wear in almost every post. )
Glasses:: StrawBerry :: Mickey Glasses ( Black )
Claws:: Zombie Suicide :: Zandra Claws 
Lipstick:: La Petite Morte :: Marie Antoinette ( Red )
Eyes:: The Sugar Garden :: Mori Eyes ( Dark Brown ) 
Blush:: {Sugar Garden} :: My Deer Blush 
Liner:: Pin Me Down :: The Liners 5 
Legwarmers:: Beusy :: Seeping Silver Warmers
Hair:: TRUTH :: Maisy 


I am simple looking today...or so I personally think.I realized I really do enjoy just doing a simple background, that way I can use shadows without crashing, and my pictures look better.

The [Geek.] Armwarmers and the R3VOLT shirt clashed alot..but when I put them together and did alittle magic, it kinda looks like robotic arms extending with like wires in it, so I didnt end up editing it out like I was gonna.

I also managed to blow all my Lindens on The Arcade * shakes my head * Half Deer got me again ^^ The life of a Jackalope.

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  1. I love love LOVE Your lips like this!!! I need that lipstick BAD. Super cute post, even tho it's prolly the most monochrome I've seen you in a while, LOL! Lookin' good Bebe <3