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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Drown in my eyes

·°¯`·• New-Venties •·´¯°·

Eyes:: !ChopShop! :: Freakshow ( Blue ) :: * Mystic Realm Fair *
Doggie:: [Geek.] :: Sheldon's Sugar-High ( Spooks RARE )(Gacha) :: * Tag! Gacha *
Bust:: [keke] :: Curiosity Bust (Now )(Gacha) :: * Tag! Gacha *
Outfit/Bracers/Jewelry:: LUAS :: Galadriel :: * Tales of Fantasy *
Lipstick:: Pink Acid :: City Girl Lipstick V2 ( Red Wine ) :: * Cosmetic Fair *
Shoes:: .Sweet Thing. :: Layer Boots (Hudded)  :: * Seasons Story * 
Hair:: TRUTH :: Thalia (Hudded) :: * Mystic Realm Fair *
Skin:: PinkFuel :: Ash :: * Genre *
" So I have to say that I havent worn a PinkFuel skin in YEARS. PinkFuel was my first skin, my first obsession and I love love love loved her for so long. I am so happy I was able to blog this skin for the Genre event. " - Obsessed Fangirl

·°¯`·• Dress Me Up, Oppa  •·´¯°·

- Everything is New - *LE GASP*

·°¯`·• Blurbble •·´¯°·

Today is Simple day. I really like how this turned out, it is girly, but somehow has some female empowerment.
So I started to do the Tag Gacha event with Lili & Renaldy and of course I am still going through my " I cant stay awake for the life of me " and I fell asleep after my computer was restarting after I got kicked offline at Tee*fy. So I decided to finish it myself and then come back later and get more stuff with them. Just in case I wont be able to handle it on my computer while I talk to them. It happens.
I cant seem to sleep much anymore, but whatever...Enjoy this new simple look.

In other news...Jinki looks amazing in sweaters * swoons *

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