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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just a Spark..

—(•·÷[ New-venties ]÷·•)—

Staff:: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations :: Tangled Gin Staff :: * The Gathering *
Shoulderpads:: [SAKIDE] :: Kaalla Shoulders Plain :: * Body Mod *
Horns:: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations :: Faded Cappuccino Horns III ::  * Body Mod *
Shoes:: EMPORIUM :: Madd Heels :: * Fi.Friday *
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Gloom ( Brown Eyes ) :: * Cosmetic Fair * OCT 15TH
Headband:: :Moon Amore: :: Hippieband :: * Boho Culture Fair * 
Dress:: {dollle*} :: Tie Dye Fringe Outfit ( Green ) :: * Boho Culture Fair * 
Trading Card:: Buttery Toast :: Beary Toast Trading Card :: * The Candy Fair *
Hair:: .Atomic. :: Sugar Coated :: * The Candy Fair *

—(•·÷[ Dress Me Up, Oppa ]÷·•)—

Bangles/Belt:: LUAS :: Yasmin
Bindi:: [okkbye] :: Moon Bindi ( White ) 
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Luna ( B Tone ) 

—(•·÷[ Blurbble ]÷·•)—

Hello My gummy Bears
Today is a beautiful day, I have the day off today and I am gonna spend it making beautiful looks and socializing on Twitter. Homebody say whattttt.

I tried a little editing magic. I am not the best with editing but I got inspired by my boho deer something or another look. Also I didnt get a good picture of the nails or eyes so I will be doing a different look with the same eyes and nails on.

On a Serious Note:: 

This will be the only thing I say every again on this matter.

So I wasn't gonna talk about this on my blog because I didnt want to be a shit stirrer but recently I lost a beautiful friendship because of a dumb fight. I got blocked so I couldnt exactly try to stop her and I want to say I am sorry if you thought we didnt care about you when we did. However with that being said she also thinks we have been badmouthing her. I would never badmouth your blog because I always tried to lift you up and would never bring you down. I am not that kind of person. If  you are happier without us then I cant complain and I wish you that happiness, but you know you will always be loved by us. I am sorry I couldn't be a better friend to you the way you needed.

I deticate this last song to you. ^^

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