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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Loss of Power

|I{•------» New-venties «------•}I|

Thigh Harness:: [Haste] :: Thigh Harness ( Black ) :: * Fantasy Gacha Carnival *
Staff:: Candy Crunchers :: Roma Staff ( RARE ) :: * Fantasy Gacha Carnival *
Necklace/Tiara/Lipstick:: Pink Acid :: Magical Earth Stones Jewelry :: * Fantasy Gacha Carnival *
Spellbook:: Kei-Spot :: Spellbooth Short Chain :: * Fantasy Gacha Carnival *
Outfit/Fox :: Alchemy :: Fennec the Great & The Magi :: * Fantasy Gacha Carnival *
Bracer:: On A Lark :: Renzo Bracer ( Black ) :: * Genre *
Pose:: //Elephante Poses// :: Blame :: * Poses in Store *
Hair:: .Olive. :: Roo Hair ( Comes with Free Hair Buns ) :: * Xiasumi School Festival *

|I{•------» Dress Me Up, Oppa  «------•}I|

Anklets/Bracelets:: Delicious :: Picky
Eyes:: The Sugar Garden :: Mori Eyes ( Brown ) 
Eyeliner:: {S0NG} :: Glitter Mood ( Just Purple ) 
Wounded Eye:: Corvus :: ( Wounded Eye )
Skin:: PinkFuel :: Andro Ash

|I{•------» Blurbble «------•}I|

Hello Everyone. ^^ 
Yesterday was my 2PM concert.
It was my favorite concert of all time. 
It was filled with car rides, loud music and of course 2PM.
We got out of the venue and I could not hear anything haha and people kept saying my hair was cute which made me feel wonderful.
The best part is when Taeceyon pointed at me...YES he pointed at me and my friends and we got it on video and pictures..and screamed like mad women and he laughed at us. I think it was my starstruck moment.
When they sang this song A.D.T.O.Y I screamed so loud. It is my all time favorite 2PM forever song. I just pretty much lost it the whole day. I lost my voice as well. YAY
Next week is the VIXX concert. I wonder how that will go.

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