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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Writing Pastel Codes

·´)› New-venties ‹(`·

Eyes:: !ChopShop! :: The Martian Chronicles Box ( Crystals ) :: * A Tattered Page *
Shoes/Legs:: R3VOLT! :: Roxie Spats ( Hudded ) :: * New *
Penguin Purse:: Pink Acid :: Burry Cold Blue Penguin :: * The Seasons Story *
Hair:: Sweet Thing :: Celi Hair :: * The Seasons Story *
Dress:: {Dollle*} :: Neko Hoodie Dress ( Blue ) :: * OMGacha *
Necklace:: The Sugar Garden :: Unicute Charm Necklace ( Rainbow ) :: * Collabor 88 *
Clock:: Pink Acid :: Stash Clock Clutch ::  * The Seasons Story *
Craft Station:: Frogstar :: Invitation Station :: * Genre *
Pizza:: Lost Junction :: Pizza Day :: * Genre *
Grandfather Clock:: [noctis] :: Walnut Grandfather Clock :: * Genre *

·´)› Dress Me Up ‹(`·

Face Tattoo:: Oh!Liv :: Retro Crosshair 
Lipgloss:: The Sugar Garden :: Baby Liqui Shine ( Strawberry ) 
Blush:: Adore&Abhor :: Princess Star Blush (Green ) 
Freckles:: -UtopiaH- :: My Freckled Blush 
Socks:: Buttery Toast :: Gradient Socks ( Ocean ) 
Leggings:: Atomic :: Twinkle Tights ( Pink ) 
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Luna ( B Tone ) 
Nail Appliers:: Bella Elephante
Poses::  Label Motion :: Miss You Loads

·´)› Blurbble ‹(`·

Ello Fantasy 

So it is super cold in my house and for someone who is getting over the cold of a century it isnt helping me, but alas I am a cheerful person. 

So where I take pictures now is a dear place ive realized I could never abandon. Granted I live with a designer in the tippy top of the land, but I realized I dont need much to make me happy, and I struggled with finding what I needed to be happy, and the dreams that use to make me happy...that I noticed does not make me happy anymore.
I made my own little happy box that I can make my own little happy environments and take pictures that I, myself can be proud of. Not to mention I can use shadows without going into defeat raging mode. Seems all too perfect.

Anyone tired of the pastel me yet?...I am not..I love how I am going back to my roots. It makes me feel powerful as not only a versatile blogger but as someone who loves cute and bright things.

BTS babies have debuted in Japan! *heart bubbles*
Their Japanese Ver of " Just One Day " is perfect. Korean or Japanese I am in love with it.

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  1. Tis a big pizza for just one person...just sayin >.> *slides up next to you*