I regret to inform you, due to personal reasons I can no longer blog. Thank you so much for putting up with me for so long.
One day I will be back...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Roses Close Up

[`·.]New-Venties [.·´]

Dress:; .{yumyums}. :: Teatime Dress ( SweetHeart ) :: * Fashion Fair * 
Hair:: [Ayashi] :: Kagami Braided Hair :: * With Love Fair 2015 * Starts Feb 7th
Can be worn with or without the braids.
Lipstick:: Pink Acid :: Dry Slick Lip Balm ( Barbie Small ) :: * Fashion Fair * 
Each LipBalm comes with a Small and Full layer
Skin:: Pink Acid :: Sharon ( Butterscotch ) :; * Fashion Fair * 
Bare Faced Sharon is a beautiful Skin and comes with every applier you will need
Shoes:: *Epic* :: Bow Stomp Boots! :: * New Purchase *

[`·.] Dress Me Up [.·´]

Ears:: *Epic* :: Sylph Ears 
Glasses:: The Sugar Garden :: Shy Megane ( Silver ) 
Headdress:: Buttery Toast :: Coming Up Roses ( Pink
Antlers:: +Half-Deer+ :: Jackalope Antlers ( Fawn ) 
Necklace:: {Mango Cheeks} :: Cotton Candy ( Pink ) 
Cardigan:: *SC* :: Rose Long Cardigan 
Eyes:; The Sugar Garden :: Mori Eyes (Brown) 
Leggings:: Pink Acid :: Sheer Leggings ( Pink ) 
Socks1:: -UtopiaH- :: Skully Gartered Stockings ( Candy ) 
Socks2:: The Sugar Garden :: Kawaii Socks ( Pink ) 
Tattoo:: Bella Elephante :; Tosh Tats ( Nutter ) 
Poses:: Label Motion :: Berry 

[`·.]Blurbble [.·´]

I sometimes think people were born for other people. Like you wake up grab your cup of coffee and bam meet the person of your dreams. Whether it be friends or a relationship blossoming love.
However sometimes things can wither and die, things that once seemed so important and bright..is actually not...which includes people as well.
Sometimes what was once healthy is now toxic for you. All important parts of growing up. Learning what is the right thing for you.
Maybe one day you will find your other half. 

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