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Friday, June 5, 2015

In The Shadows


Hello Loves.
I have been trying to re vamp my shape a bit because I felt boring...everything about me lately has been boring. I think I work so much that I lack all the creativity that I once had just got sucked dry. However as soon as I changed my shape I went right back to the comfy feel of my old one. So these pictures are what my " new " shape would have looked like. I really wanted to make my eyes a bit narrow-er but it seems that I cannot pull it off.  I AM A DINOSAUR THOUGH!

Anyways before this gets lengthy and boring here is a few of the MANY MANY items I had to have at the Arcade plus newbies from selected stores. Enjoy. ROLL THAT CHEESY FOOTAGE.
( Just realized I can post gifs ) OHhhhhh dangerous

·´¯`·­»New Venties«­·´¯`·

Shoes:: Corvus :: Black Fearless Boots :: * New Release *
Top:: Corvus :: Boho Bandana :: * New Release *
Ice Cream/Spoon :: Pink Acid :: Ice Cream Fun ( Pink ) :: * IDK *
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Bellair ( Pale Green Eye ) :: * New Release *
Nail Appliers:: .Figure. :: Unspoken Nails :: * Famous Station *

·´¯`·­»THE ARCADE SECTION«­·´¯`·
Hair:: +SpellBound+ :: Melody ( Prints ) :: * The Arcade * 
Bracelet:: +Half-Deer+ :: Mermaid's Majesty ( Upcycled Fork -Silver  ) :: The Arcade * 
Tail:: {u.f.o} :: Favorite Saurus Tail ( Skyblue ) :: The Arcade * 
Collar:: (Epia) :: Heart Pendant Collar ( Black ) :: The Arcade * 

·´¯`·­»DRESS ME UP«­·´¯`·

Lipstick:: [BamboO] :: Melisa Lips ( Brown ) 
Eyeshadow:: Adore&Abhor :: Princess Blossom Eyeshadow 
Eyeliner:: Corvus :: Cateyes Eyeliner 
Stockings:: Atomic :: Slouchy Knee Socks ( Shell ) 
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :; Luna ( B Tone ) 
Shorts:: The Sugar Garden :: Fancy Shorts ( Black ) 

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