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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The time is upon again, where Fantasy Gacha Carnival snatches us bald with their unique themes to fit everyone alike. This month's theme is Star Wars vs Game of Thrones. Opening Day is on February 7th and there is so many unique and different things to choose from. This post I remained simple and of course wanted to show off this beautiful gown found at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.
 Please Enjoy!! 

What I am Wearing
Head:: LOGO :: Alex v3.0
Body:: Maitreya :: Lara Body
Hair:: [Ayashi] :: Nessie Hair ( Hudded ) 
Skin:: Pink Fuel :: Kiyomi ( Latte ) 
Spirit:: { L o v e f o x } :: Spirit Fire ( Wicked Spirit Essence Wisp ) ( Holdable ) :: *Check IW Store*
Frame/Mirror :: Bokeh :: Cast Iron Frame ( Gold - wall ) :: * Main Store Release *
Pauldrons :: LUAS :: Myr ( Pauldrons RARE ) :: * The Fantasy Gacha Carnival  *
All following items are from the Gacha " Margaery " from LUAS and Located @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opening FEB 7th 
~ Margaery Crown ( RARE ) ( Hudded ) 
~ Margaery Dress XXS in Cream
~ Margaery Necklace 
~ Margaery Sleeves XXS RARE ( Hudded ) 

I have been every so impressed with WINNER this comeback so far, when their last album came out I was so impressed that I loved every single song on it

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