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Friday, April 15, 2016

Twinkle Twinkle

 So let me tell you guys a secret... I am so So so so SO super excited to have this little piece of paradise. I always wanted to make a scene based on simplicity because I am a basic b however this is now possible because of Cubic Cherry Kre-ations. I have always wanted a yard, as wide as the eye can see and just make simple scenes based on the yard I guess....I am having trouble explaining myself. All I know is that from now on this is what my yard is gonna look like...minus all the glittery special stuff...Maybe...:3 Enjoy this post.

|I{•------» BODY «------•}I|
Ears:: MANDALA :: Fantasy Elf 
Body:: Maitreya :: Lara V3.5 
Hands:: SLINK :: Elegant 1
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Bright ( Bean ) 
Freckles:: [BIE] :: Face Freckles 03 
Blush:: {Sugar Heart} :: My Deer Blush ( Tintable )
Hair:: [Ayashi] :: Junko Hair ( Hudded ) :: * Seasons Story *
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Rei ( B Tone )
|I{•------» ACCESSORIES «------•}I|
Bracelet:: +Half-Deer+ :: Forests Tale ( Petals & Pearls ) White 
Collar:: *BOOM* :: Home by Midnight Collar ( Doll Pink )
Sunflowers:: :Moon Amore: :: Sunflower Bouquette :: * Collabor88 *
Bunny:: +Half-Deer+ :: Forest's Tale ( Snowy Flutterbun )  

|I{•------» CLOTHES «------•}I|
Dress:: :Moon Amore: :: Solell Dress ( Hudded ) :: * Collabor88 *

|I{•------» SCENERY «------•}I|

I Sadly Missed the Event Deadline for " {Waterlily} " But please check out the mainstore 

The following gacha items called " {Waterlilly} " is by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations and located @ The Gathering ( PAST )

~ {Waterlilly} Spirit Pink, White & Lilac
~ {Waterlilly} Petals A White 
~ {Waterlilly} Bubbles White & Lilac 

The following gacha items called {Whimsical Garden} are by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations and @ Gacha Guardians

~{Whimsical Garden} Swing ( Hudded ) 
~{Whimsical Garden} Fluffy Tree B ( Hudded ) 
~{Whimsical Garden} Fence Ivy
~{Whimsical Garden} Rack Ivy ( Hudded ) 
~{Whimsical Garden} Crystals Pink & Lilac 

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