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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Hello my little butterflies. 
The picture above is all artisty, I got inspired after listening to BTS Butterfly and was like..WHY NAWT!! So guess what. I am moving in RL...it is kinda farther from work but it is a space for me...I mean an actual space where I can have a desktop ( Finally ) and bookshelves...improve my life...Not gonna lie I am excited about the Wendy's next to it as well *snickers*...

Ears:: Mandala :: Fantasy Elf 
Eyes:: {S0NG} :: Cia ( Forest Eye ) :: * Kawaii Project *
Skin:: The Sugar Garden :: Rei ( B Tone )
Body:: Maitreya :: Lara 
Hair:: [Ayashi] :: Kaworu Hair ( Hudded ) :: * Hair Fair 2016 *

Hat:: .{yumyums}. :: Mousie Party Animals ( Noir )
Butterflies/Scenery:: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:: {Flutter} :: * The Epiphany *
Necklaces:: Pink Acid :: " We are One " Beaded String/Wrapped Choker :: * The Epiphany *

Gloves:: :Moon Amore: :: Magic Bunny Gloves ( Hudded )
Shoes:: EMPORIUM :: Bardot V1 ( Maitreya - Hudded ) :: * Suicide Dollz *
Dress:: :Moon Amore: :: Memories Dress ( Hudded ) :: * Collabor88 *

I have been really big into 3D music tracks, it sounds like youre actually at the concert.

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