Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yellow Pajama Love

:: The Arcade ::

(CM) - Pajamas - Footie 
So when I tried this gacha my heart was set on the Cow pajamas to be put into the plethora of cow stuff I collect and love. I got the yellow ones when I tested my luck and I love it, although I remind myself of a Teletubbie.

Curio Obscura - Scepter of Hearts
I was pretty much happy with whatever came out of the gacha, makes me feel like I am Sailor Moon, when you go into mouse look it makes it rain spark lies and shoots hearts. I enjoy this highly

( my friend William is just taking up space he is irrelevant )

CONDOM: Epic - Ohmai Kawaii Monster Condom
MAKEUP: Corvus - Punched Face
HAIR: Ploom - Penny II
SKIN: {.essences.}- Maria
PAJAMAS: (CM) - Footie Pajamas * The Arcade *
SCEPTER: Curio Obscura * The Arcade *

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