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Friday, March 26, 2010

Gacha! Catch them All? @ Sweet Leonard & Needful Things

Yes even my lame Pokemon reference works here.

When I first heard of a gatcha I thought " WTH? "
They reminded me of the machines where you put 50 cents in it and pops out a sticker that you didn't want because you wanted the nice tiger one, but instead you got a frog on a Lilly pad.
Turns out Gacha's are like the same thing, they are eye catching, brightly colored, cash generators ( aka cash burners ) that anyone from any age can enjoy.
With a Gacha you have many prizes to win from and they can range from 25L to 200L ( and their may be even higher prices )

The reason why I have been having such a Gacha fetish is because during the Chase of the beast hunt I found this place with lots of gacha's. I have never been much of a glasses wearer on SL because I usually let my pretty eye's bloom but when I went to SWEET LEONARD & NEEDFUL THINGS and saw that she had many cute, dorky glasses for me to choose from I was very much pleased with how they looked. They are 40L each and you pay directly on the gacha itself ( which looks like a colorful gumball machine ).

Playing it a few times you will end up getting a few of the same ones, but the best part is that they are 100% transferable so you can easily slide one to your friends so they too can share in the fun of a gacha prize. I personally have not yet acquired them all but I managed to get 4 out of the 6 pairs available.

To describe a few of the glasses you have to gacha:

Kill! -which is a red,black and white themed glasses with blood smears on the lenses but not overdoing it enough so you can still see out of them.

Valentin- Obviously like the name it is themed red with a red heart along the rims.

Pink-Scully- Pink glasses with skulls on the rim very tasteful and not over powering but the right amount of cuteness.

Woody- I think this is my favorite ones, they are black glasses with acorns on one side and leaves on the other side which is so funny to wear because I instantly feel like a woodchuck.

There is also more Gacha's available at SWEET LEONARD & NEEDFUL THINGS which includes: Elven Candy Pops, Rings, and Antlers (which I should Invest in).

Don't forget to check out other Gacha's everyone in world. They addicting, cheap and sometimes transferable.

* Thank you Vyrain Kaiser for being my model *

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