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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Hump Day- Week 20

So today is Week 20 of the hump day sales which is every week on a Wednesday some of the best ( but not limiting ) fashion guru's came together to make a whacked out sale for all of us to enjoy.
The sale items can be anything of the creators imagination and they always seem to surprise us choosing and creating their items can be a hard process but they seem to make it happen and giving it to us for a small 69L fee.

Some of my favorites this week:

*~*HopScotch*~* 's One Hour Of Work.
I am not sure if it was truly one hour of work but it was one of my favorite pieces today. Me personally love a good tank because it is simple and it goes with any kind of skirt or pants. It comes with a variety of colors (11) for you to choose from and when some stores make you buy a lot of the colors separately, this awesome set has ALL the colors for the 69L which equals good in my book.
The tank comes in a single shirt layer, not to mention accents the curves of a woman, so I highly recommend it for simple buyers and loves a good splatter.

Get Bent- Lady Pack
This gesture pack comes with 3 gestures you can use for lots of ways to pose as a model. ( Only 2 seen above ) Check it, Model Walking, and Pop the hip are the names of these gestures and when I put them on I felt more confident as a SL'er which I am not sure if possible. Most gesture places charge around 50L per 1 gesture which is good if your finding a certain one but I personally rather have 3 for 69L that is getting 1 1/2 extra for free and I do like numbers enough for free.

These are just my picks for this week's Happy Hump Day
So which was your favorite item Week 20?

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