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Monday, March 22, 2010

My Mission to the Criminally Insane

This is the start of the rest of our lives so lets make it the best one yet right?.

Well my name is Harleyquinn Constantine from Second life and if you don't know what a second life is then you have came to the wrong place, but if you do and you find this semi interesting, then stay, take a whiff and smile because this is a good place to start your journey into a cheaper way about second life.
I am a 20 year old crazy person living on her own in the real world and know much about wanting to save on expenses. I am a die hard photographer and you can see me on Second life doing picture portraits for the citizens. I was born in the Victorian Era and yet I still clash with the Cyber goth themed outfits, skanky and fabulous attire..so I am open to anything fashion wise.


I am creating this blog as a tool to the people on Second life who wishes to save their Lindens and get more for their virtual money. I am gonna be following sales from me and other peoples, personal favorite stores and giving you the review of it. Not to mention some pictures of well worth items UNDER 500 dollars because I have still yet to buy one thing that is 500 dollars or more. I am the kind of girl who see's a sale and buys the 60 L things instead of the really nice 300L items. ( Unless very much wanted ).


If you support me in any way wether it be a comment, subscribe or input for me to go to your favorite store and tell me about super sales, I shall put them on this site for all to see not to mention awesome pictures to go along with it. I will portray Sales, events, Hunt items anything that has to do with the insanity that is clothes. I shall turn all of you into deticated Hunters and sale shoppers, and hopefully teach you a thing or two.

Enjoy the Insanity

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