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Monday, April 5, 2010

THE U-NEEK and Crazy Ass Hair Hunt

The U-neek store has posted a notice that they had new vests for only 10L and of course I had to take apart of that opportunity and what good Monday would it be if it didn't start off with a great deal like this.
The U-neek has alot of..well unique clothing for fair and non expensive prices with each piece being brightly color, loud printing, or rude lyricist but that shines through brilliance and her kind of clothes brings out the true in people. People sometimes don't do the kind of clothing they want because they feel like people wont like them or they wont accept them for the style they have to offer, but honestly The U-neek clothing kind of expresses that she doesn't care how people are portrayed, and she doesn't care whether people like them or not because she does,that is why her store brings in so many crowds. Not to mention the awesome hunts that she starts or that is trailed through out season after season.
I took the chance in her style and bought 3 vests that I absolutely love being a rude and bold girl myself these vests shown off my type of style. Not only did I purchase the vests but one of them was only 1L because of the Easter season she decided to be a doll and give it to us for a cheaper price. It is called
Killer Bunny and it is a white tank with a blood covered bunny in a position to eat you. The 2 I focused the most on was the Blowupdoll ( woman ) and the Fuck you vest for they made me smile at site of them.

The first vest that caught my eye was the fuck you one, with vests or shirts of this nature it is hard to be serious specially when seeing one you know you will giggle. I remember I saw one that
said " Smile if your not wearing underwear" and as soon as you see it you smile anyways because it is just a funny obscene thing to say and people of course can relate to it ( if they aren't wearing underwear ).

So the vest comes in a grey and the words are in a spray paint format very nice and simple with a skull near the bottom.
One layer.
Little pom pom like ticks on the shirt and it is very form shaping so I easily like it.
Following the pom pom like of the outfit I put on her hunt item from the Crazy Ass Hunt, which is many of things but my favorite was the pom pom headdress. It has many little pom pom's about over a dozen and it is just adorable to wear and it made the outfit possess more color.

The second vest out of many to buy was the blowupdoll in a female style ( there is also a male blowupdoll vest ). It is varies colors kinda reminding me of the Jamaican colors with the blowupdolly in the middle and isn't she adorable..( Lol).
One Layer
With Cris crossing on the sides to make the shirt breath-taking intriguing and who doesn't love a good blowdoll vest.

Also paired up with a Crazy Ass Hair Hunt The-Uneek style, It is an Aqua pom pom Mohawk and I am never much for Mohawk's but it was so funny and interesting that I couldn't resist just putting it on.

So don't be afraid of her awesome style go show her love buy her stuff because she is a great artist and I enjoyed all the time I spent there, there is so much color and maze like pathways it provides amusement for everyone.

Left Avi:

Shirt: Blowupdoll- The Uneek
Pants: Beaded- The Uneek ( Hunt item so i am not sure if still attainable )
Shoes: Juliet Ankleboots- A-BOMB ( Hunt item )
Necklace: Xplosion ( Hunt Item so not sure if still attainable )
Armband: Unknown ( Their isnt a creator on it )
Skin: Goth-Frick ( Hunt item )
Hair: Aqua Pom pom-
The Uneek

Right Avi:

Shirt: Fuck you-
The Uneek
Pants: Beaded peenk-
The Uneek
Skin: V16 :Vanity Hair ( the orignal has a mustache and it is the 2nd floor is Nuuna skins)
Hair: Viola- Curious Kitties ( is a freebie hair )
Shoes: Juliet Ankleboots-
A-BOMB ( hunt item)
Hairpeice: Pom pom-
The Uneek
Necklace: Belfry- +DV8+
Belt: A&A Belt-+>Adore&Abhor<+

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