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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

((RIPE)) @ The Spring Bazaar

The Spring Bazaar is almost coming to an end but that doesn't mean you cant gather some of the coolest beginning of spring things. As a long winter brings a calm spring flowers bloom into expression's beauty, and this one store captured the beauty in art within her jewels.
((Ripe))'s owner is a good personal friend of mine having worked with her at a club ( R.I.P) that closed down this past year it was an honor to see her wanting for me to blog her stuff since I am a quite new blogger, I was up for the challenge. She is always a good friend another one who would spoil me with cupcake guns and scooters.

The Jewelry I am showing you on this fine Tuesday is a Cherry Blossom set it is very beautiful and I even dressed all fancy for the part. It comes in 2 bracelets, a ring, necklace and earrings. It is such a great find and each part costs around 50L each so you don't have to buy the whole thing, but it isn't complete unless you do..
The necklace rezzed on fast and perfect not having to fix it a whole l
ot because with some necklaces you have to modify it to your particular shape and length as did the bracelet, ring and earrings which made me a happy camper since I hate modifying anything because of not lengthy knowledge on modifying.

The next peice I wanted to show off was the Rose Tile Jewelry Set which is earrings, ring and necklace set.Necklace is a simple tiled on a longer chain that may or may not have to be modifyed with your body ( Mine had to because I am smaller ). The earrings are swirled with rose print all over it and they are stunning and need no modding unless you are a taller person. I tend to look fancy when wearing jewelry because it makes it look simple, if you load up on all jewelry it just makes a person look very tacky.
I think ((Ripe)) pulled it off with simple jewelry sets for the spring season
, but nothing can be complete without scooters..

I dont have any personal pictures with the scooter so I sneaky swiped the promo picture from the pack she gave me. They are cute spring scooters with bold flower prints, 50L each and have speed options to drive around Secondlife and bother people...
Dont forget to check out ((Ripe))'s actual store located in the Miss Muffet Mainstore.

The Spring Bazaar ends on April 11th so make sure you check out all the stands before it is too late.

Left Avi:

Jewelry Set- Rose Tile :
Hair- Niyabv2: (Curious Kitties)
Skin- Mia C Tan: [ROCKBERRY]
Shirt- Morrhigan : +DV8+
Pants- Let it Rock : Sintimacy Free
Shoes- Silver Stilettos : AyYaiYai

Right Avi:

Jewelry Set- Cherry Blossom : ((Ripe))
Hair- Love(red) : [TinyBird] ( Cant find a lm)
Skin-Allure: Cupcakes
Shirt-Awake me- [AvB]
Pants- Let it Rock : Sintimacy Free
Shoes- Silver Stilettos : AyYaiYai

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