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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dose of Style no 3- Gothic sincere

This is my attempt at Style Dose no 3..because I havent been up to par with all the amazing store owners and sales that are going on so this is my way of showing you what I wear and who I wear because you all deserve some sort of quality in your life.

To aquire this gothic sensational look you basically mix dark colors together not to hard is it? I mixed Sn@tch, BlueBlood, Magika and the new skin I got I believe it came from a hunt..Lmao I dont seem to keep tabs on things.

I wanted to make her show some skin as a girl who admires dark style wether it be trench coats and leather bound items, I wanted to make her show some skin to show people she isnt insecure about how she looks.

She shows a softer side of her face, showing true trouble and pain which I love. This skin has something I havent seen in along time and it is that pain and crisis that people face everyday and they try to hide it with pretty faces...I can assure my looks show my emotions.

Avatar Credits:

Coat: BlueBlood
Hair: Magika
Skin: Nightshade Designs
Peircings: ..::Rasetsukoku::.

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