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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rotten Toe Freddie's Girlfriend/Sweater For Boys Review

This is my review for the Freddie collection that swept through my inbox last night, which I am very grateful for specially since I AM a Freddie lover ( old Freddie not new one, ugh ). Now I can go on and on why the old Freddie is better but then again this isn't the direction I am gonna go down plus this is about clothes ( :D ).

Rotten Toe has produced an outfit called Freddie's Girlfriend which is basically the sweater with a really cute tutu, obviously some things are different with the boys sweater from the girls outfit, not to mention their is many different ways to customize the Freddie's Girlfriend attire.

As shown yesterday while doing another blog entry on my favorite hair I was wearing the Freddie's for boys sweater which is a blood stained sweater with my little man on the side, pinned safely on your shoulder he poses as the poster child of the outfit and my favorite part of the woman's version is that he has a heart, because obvious Freddie's Girlfriend loves him ( choose me )

So now your probley asking me two questions:
How can you customize your outfit?

Why are you half naked?

Well something about this outfit is very tame yet sexual towards our man Freddie, so I choosed the open shirt version to catch his little attention, paired them up with some leopard pasties ( because I couldn't find my black ones ) and made this look alittle more feminine. The customization is very easy coming with loads of shirt layers you can put on the sweater ANYWAY you want whether it be open, closed, short, long, half naked ( personal favorite the half naked ).
The tutu is meshed with alittle pocket to store your belongings like lipgloss, pens and razors for your everyday hunting for the teenage flesh. This outfit is beautifully made and I am thinking about entering it in a contest at a local club because I just am that good.

To answer why I am naked?.....Why not?..Lmao

Avatar Credits:
Rotten Toe
Skin: CakeOrDie
Shoes: Jim's Goth Shop
Pasties: Love Zombie

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