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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mango Mango! Skin Review

~ So I am alittle late being tied up with so much on my plate getting this skin made me so happy and I am finally giving you the review of it~...
Mango,Mango! Decked ( in freckles I am wearing ) and it a mix between hardcore makeup and suddle vibrant colors which can make this wild look more complete.

Skin comes as a group gift and only was sent once so if you didnt get this great peice you have to wait till Mango,Mango! puts it in her store to purchase ( which she probley has by now )..

The skin is very defined and makes this look more edgy and good for a time out.

Avatar Credits:
Skin: Mango,Mango!
Skirt/Shirt: +DV8+
Fuzzies: NDN
Stockings: Arsenic Lace
Hair: Fatal Error

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