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Friday, May 21, 2010

Rotten Toe- Group Gift/ Love Prison

~ For this shoot I ventured out into the kink and I decided to go to this sim that is popular for being fragile, mysterious and beautiful~

Rotten Toe, one of my FAVORITE stores hands down and I was told the other day by alittle birdy that she had dresses for group only because everyone else would have had to pay 150 because they dont know the meaning of awesome group things...So yes I decided to get both colors Green/Purple and Red/Black.

Since I have met Rotten Toe a couple of months ago I can tell you I have gotten most of their fabulous outfits but I have to say I am in love with this dress and it is coming one of my favorite outfits ( besides tight pants, they are awesome ).

The outfit is called " Love Prison " and comes with a complete set which includes:

Panties ( pant,undergarment layer)

Top ( all 3 layers )
2 skirts ( resizeable and not )

The skirt is absolutely breathtaking, with multiple "ruffled" layers of bottom purple and top green which makes me think of the Joker in some ways...

( harleyquinn references are always welcome..)

Get your copy now along with the many other awesome group items Rotten Toe has for grabs ( including the Love Prison outfit in Black/Red and Zipper Pants)..not to mention one of those lollipops...mmmm

Avatar Credits:
Dress: Rotten Toe
Bracelets: ((RIPE))
Hair: Rotten Toe
Shoes: Sn@tch

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