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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CSTAR///Miss June Skin

Introducing the new skin in the CStar collection. Miss June is a brand new skin that came out TODAY for the month of June.
The skin is FREE and the only objective is sitting there waiting for your letter to be called...Yes...It is a Lucky Chair.Now when I was there it was a little packed because it is the first day, everyone and their mother's were there to get it...
Since this skin is special then any other skin their is something something different about this skin and that it comes with an opposite....Mmhm you guessed it it comes with a male in each package..( giggles ) As much as I wish that was true it DOES come with a male version of the skin in each set you win.

I was able to get the Tan skin which was awesome because some reason the Lucky Chair knew it was me and gave me my favorite kind of color skin.
I thought I would be a little playful with this look, not to mention put on a bunch of things I never worn before..Not to mention cute antlers..( because I am a secret animal ).

The skins features are pretty extraordinary with a good..*cough* breast silhouette and the defined tones in the skin it makes it easy to pair this with anything adventuring or sports wise. Specially with the war lines..because who doesn't want to kick someones butt...I have myself put those lines on my face before a battle...Confidence heh.

12 skin tones for woman AND men 2 per pack you win which is 24 skins you can get for free if you enjoy waiting with the lucky chairs.

You have all month to get this skin so no Dilly Dalling...:D
Avatar Credits:
Outfit Entire: Delirium Style
Shoes: +Dv8+
Hair: Rotten Toe

** Check out the FLICKR for more pictures...:D***

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