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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mango, Mango Happy Humpday 69L Skins..Woot

Its the time of the Humpday Happiness Special and this time it is 2 skins to choose from. As you must know by now HumpDay Happiness features a bunch of awesome people who put brand new items for the low low price of 69L.

<--- yes that is what it looks like

The first skin is " Date Night" I have gotten all the colors thanks to my Supporter Mango, Mango! to show you all how beautiful it looks..

I wanted to go for a date like outfit something simple that doesnt require alot of clothing ( sounds bad ) but still make her look stunning in red and black..

The skin has beautiful porcelain features and darker tones lips, that I am pretty sure wont leave a mark ( wink wink ).. and goes great with any darker style clothing.

The next skin for 69L is " The Girl Next Door" Now if I had a girl who looked like this I would totally want to hang around with her all the time as well..( heh )

The outfit kind of reminds me of the movie version of " The Girl Next Door", slutty but tamable with bringing out her assets..
Anything catch a glance?

The skin is in "Tan" and has a lighter shade of lip stick with slender eyebrows and defined shades which is why I love tan skin in the first place.

I give these skins A++++

No Avatar Credits Today...Need Sleep

Check Flickr For more Pictures of these amazing Skins

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