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Monday, June 28, 2010

Fhang Candy 50L Bake Sale Skin

The bake sale...I go to every Monday gots some new cute stuff lots of things I havent purchased recently because of insufficent funds...this week with some extra cash and some extra effort I browsed and found a skin that I fell in love with.

Fhang Candy's Milano Sunset is one of those skins that you need a certain outfit to poretray not because it is a bad skin but because the eye makeup is so vibrant and pinkishorange neon that to wear any other colors make it seem out of place.

In fact, this skin not only is beautiful but also in tan which makes me love it even more. The skin has shaded featurettes, and even enhances your assests to their full potenial while having a slim eyebrow line and bright makeup.

Of course you might want to check out the Bake sale today to see other 50L goodies.

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