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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CONCRETE FLOWERS- Memory Picture Frame

~ The only thing that seems to cheer me up is the voice of reasoning...the only thing that makes me whole is the memories we make together~

My memories are all on this new picture frame from CONCRETE FLOWERS...the frame is rope style which seems to go great with my clam bed in my ever so bright blue waters room.

The pictures can be changed my simply dragging the texture into the desired frame and was very eager to put the new pictures with my boyfriend in them plus some random one of me and him.

The picture frame is 17 prims but even in my home it isnt much specially with the non furniture I own.

Picture frames to me hold alot of memories and I dont even have any in real life which I should probley get on that one day....Like I say I live my SecondLife better then my real life.

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