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Monday, June 14, 2010

KOSH- "Silent" Furniture

~ Sorry about the so long away from blogging I recently have gotten a new home within SL and I really wanted some time to somewhat get it furnished..Not to mention I am broker then broke.~

That is when I got a ping from the lovely ConcreteFlowers&KOSH and they gave me something which I was stoked about being the fact that I have a new home and NO furniture specially since I was quite a nomad before.
They gave me some pretty cool seating arrangement called " Silent " and the best one that I decided to take pictures with would be the " Silent Circus set" that comes with a table and 3 chairs surrounding with many different positions about 7 to choose from...( my favorite is no 7 )
A middle table with a couple distraught flowers needing some water ( my anaology )...They come in black and brown or well..brown and grey which is just inverted colors...

Dont take my word for it go see it for yourself...This is my first furniture blog...SO I am pretty new at the dynamic of how to go about it...
I really like this furniture and if it wasnt for KOSH I dont think I would have it so I thank them alot of providing this awesome set.

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