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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mango,Mango 69L Hump Day Happiness

~ The humpday happiness is over of course for this week but I still thought I should put up the pictures I took today from the skin...Not to mention one picture of the new 50L skin Vamp Spring. The best part of this skin is the fact that she is gonna leave the Hump Day Happiness skin ALL WEEK LONG...so everyone gets an equal change to get the skin tone of their choice.~

In this skin one can feel like a pussycat, and that is exactly why it is called " Pussycat".
69L for EACH tone and comes with a freckled skin and a non freckled skin.

Shading is great and even has a bit of a boasted cleavage to show off the girls in a flirting session with your potential mate.
Dark tones lip color and a little of blush makes this look more fierce, and makes me overall happy.

I didnt have much time before the real life work to interfere so I decided to just put the skin on with the current look and it changed her completely..

Spring Vamp in freckles is now one of my favorite pale skin with it's light lips, pink blush and toned innocent eyebrows made me think of how devilish she could be if she was a real vampire.

This skin is 50L and will be forever and ever...which means you should probley invest in it...:)

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