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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cupcake's Clothing Discount Room

Cupcakes a store usually famous for their high quality skin and beautiful clothing has added more clothing into her discount room today, from swimwear to dresses and jeans to tanktops, they never cease to amaze me. I enjoy amazement.

All her selections are marked down 75L or LESS so you will never have to break the piggy bank for these clothes.

Simple look I have put together with a funky robot love tanktop ( 25L ) and 10L ( YES 10L ) denim washed out jeans. In the Cupcake store she has over 30 pairs of 10L jeans for you to get grabby with.

Second look is more fancy kind of outdoorsy but with a punx finish with the boots since I have yet to broaden my heel selection. ( I am a rebel :) )

This Red Scrunched Dress was 25L and it is beautiful with flowing primed skirt which you may or maynot have to resize depending on your stature because I realized it after I took pictures that my hip popped..lmao ( noone can tell shhh ).

Check out all of her Discounted Clothes and dont forget her lovely skins.

*NOTE:* Make sure you join the group because she is fairly nice with giving out group gifts to her fans.

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