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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hump Day Happiness-Mango/Grunge/SySy

This post is gonna be a quicky
Since my busy schedule I didnt have a chance to properly distribute a good photoset.
So I thought I would get naughty and play on a pole.

This week's Hump Day Happiness items I enjoyed
-Mango, Mango- a beautiful skin called " Honey Bee" which comes in 3 colors Pale, Tan and Dark and each skin type is 69L

-GrungeInkorporated- " Neko Stars" which is beautiful shaped stars in leopard print with blue and pink smaller stars down the body, comes in layers of all sorts.

-SYSY- a new edition to my favorites this week with her 4 bikini color pack, the material kinda looks like velvet or felt, but so beautiful and vibrant.

You have about 3 more hours to buy your Hump day things.. These were my favorites :)

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