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Monday, July 12, 2010

HarajukuBox Town Skin Faire- Pink Fuel

~ So it has been a bit since my last post, but dont you fret for I am here now with a bit of purchase history for you all ~

Their is this faire that is going on around HarajukuBox Town ( till the 28th ), and it actually is pretty fabulous, this fair is for people with little or maybe a bit more in their paychecks of Linden loves and able to afford such beautiful creations.

With the many many selections of skins to choose from, my angle of course was to the skin that I have had a crush on since I got her Pink skin from a hunt last year, Pinkfuel has been making the best skins I have ever seen, in quite along time.

PinkFuel has made 4 new skins for the faire, plus a ganguro one ( which I am wearing now )

As stated in the note card:
" Each makeup is L$400 and comes with

-12 different face stickers :D!
- light/dark brow option"

( she said it better then I could )

With the many sticker options plus brow options avaliable there will be many different styles, and clothing items you can wear with this beautiful toned skin.

HarajukuBox Town


If you want to know anything im wearing please ask, I do not put out what I wear anymore since it takes up too much time and it strays away from the point of the blog.

Check out my Flickr for more pictures of this skin.

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