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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Truth Hair- Rayne

~ Since yesterday I did the Skin Faire today I will do a follow up of the new hair around Truth that I bought. ~

So turns out I am a hair virgin for the longest time I have stuck to 3 shops for my hair: Magika, Deviant Kitties and +DV8+ and for the longest time I havent had the ambition to find a new hair place.

Course when the skin faire came along I noticed the Pinkfuel poster feature Truth's hair "Rayne" which is mix between a scene hair and choppy layers.

I of
course fell in love with it and bought a couple packs of the hair which are 250L for 14 hairs: 7 regular colors and 7 with streak features in multiple colors.

I enjoy this hair for it's realistic feel, movement and of course beautifully well designed.


When you go to her store make sure you check out her freebies for all her lovely customers which includes Jess ( featuring ALL the color packs in one buy ), and Lady Gaga inspired hair bows which I have yet been able to play with.
( Both not pictured )

xoxox enjoy

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