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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heartsick Goodies.

~ This is gonna be my last post for a week for I am leaving for a vacation July 28th to August 4th, the next post wont be till Friday Aug 6th~

Heartsick is in the Carwash Sale as well as some new things inside her personal store. Including: a Gacha which for 25L a pop you get adorable skins and 2 different hair selections, Place your bets and work your magic.

Lots and Lots of dollarbie's in her store from old skins from past hunts or skins she made just for you, not to mention a couple free shapes for men and woman to test out.

Her Carwash Sale cart was double sided so you got to have lots of goodies my favorties were the Cyber lox, Halo skin and Damask grey and red dress set.

The halo skin was beautiful and very fair skinned with painted on red lipstick that had a gloss finish to it and seem to glisten with every outfit I tried on with it.

The Damask dress was so easy to put on, usually when I put on a dress it has to be adjusted so it didnt look like shorts, but this dress didnt require it and looked fabulous when matches with another one of Heartsick's dollarbie skins

I leave you all with the knowledge of the Carwash sale and the fact after this blog you will inherit over 30 new skins from Heartsick :)..enjoy

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