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Friday, July 23, 2010

New Items @ Rotten Toe

With my bloody body comes the super fabulous new things by new newly acquired friend and supporter Rotten Toe.

First, is these new adorable sailor shoes, that comes in 2 colors and 2 different kinds of bows..I have a weakness for nautical types of clothing so these shoes would be perfect for any type of bathing suit, or a casual outfit.

Did I mention all 4 shoes come together for 50L ( yeah I said it "50L " )

Vintage Circus Hosery, They are super sleak comes in many different layers and textures and even comes with a blood pant layer to put over them ( seen above ).

Textures that it comes with the box set are: Diamond, Jester and Vintage Boho. As you can see above they pretty much can work with anything darker ( not to mention I put a bathing suit bottom over it because it looked more complete. ) They come in 3 types of layers Feet ( not shown ) Leggings and Tights. 150L for the whole pack.

Enjoy your new purchases from Rotten Toe!

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