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Thursday, July 1, 2010

KOSH- New Skins Come Out TODAY!!

~ As you can tell the last couple of days my blog is full of Kosh and Concrete Flower awesomeness, because they provided me with alot of awesome things to blog about not to mention they are both super passionate about bloggers and of course eachother ~

Today the new VEE skins come out in varies colors and shades:
The colors have been mapped out in a cool picture sequence.
Shades are: Dawn,Desert,Otsego,Silence

The skins are 599L each and are absolutely flawless.
Shadowing is amazing and boobs are perky and happy which is always a plus.
But if you think that because today isnt special or if you dont have enough money to purchase on of these lovely skins.No need to worry because they were generous enough to put out a skin for 1L in all 4 shades which 2 layers: Freckle and Non Freckle.


* NOTE: You can check out my Flickr, or click on the pictures for a bigger view.*

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