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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rotten Toe- Dolly Group Gift

~ Dont forget to check all her other awesome things while your in her store, she has alot of new products out and this is just the tip of an pretty big iceburg
She has Alice skin+ Shape for 15 L/ Group Gift shelves for all you newbie's just joining the rotten toe group/ Rompers/ and beautiful new 200L dresses that stun me to death.~

Rotten Toe's new group gift item is this awesomely precious doll skin.
( must mention while I was at the store it was packed with dolly's, happy indeed. )

The skin is in pale and joint's attached so be careful with your newly dollie skin, you dont want to break something..she is now fragile.

There's alot of new items in Rotten Toe's store which includes this cute Rose Romper for 80L. It comes in a blue version, alittle different but not straying from the over all design. I love how it looks dusty, old but still have the delicate look like the dolly has been in an attic but ready to be played with.

Complete Look??:

More pictures on Flickr

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