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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hump Day Happiness- Mango, Mango/ Grunge Inkorporated

Yes sometimes I feel the need to blog about 2 things at once even though I am not really good at it...lets wing it shall we.

Grunge Inkorporated has made these really eye catching legwarmers this week Match it up with some shoes that will make your look adorable. They are beautifully made and actually fit without having to adjust them which makes me a happy camper.

As well the equally talented and one of my sponsors who I love with her talent in skin-ness: Mango, Mango

This week she put out a summery skin which is called " Summer".
69 per skin color and 2 options in each shade ( between freckled and non ),
Orangish lips and lime green makeup adds edge.

I have turned this beautiful skin into more of an autumn-y look, mostly because of my alernative style..

Complete Outfit:

Enjoy These Fabulous 69L Items!

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