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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


~ I woke up to blogger copys of Fierce Designs, so I put on my creative hat and whipped up some nice outfits ~

The first challenge was this Etiquette Trenchcoat ( 349L )
This beautiful black and white trenchcoat made me think about how a business woman would do it, dark shades, heel type shoes and headbanded hair...

My favorite outfit has to be this Biker Babe ( 299L )
( the shoes are sold seperately for 299L as well ),
Nothing says Harley like leather, pleather or latex mix it all together and you get this outfit, because she is such a badass I decided to make her have a longer ponytail in the back and straight banged in the front so it didnt take away from this overall look.
Not to mention the kinky-ness of the "69" shoes and necklace.

"Something to wear on the weekend" it says.
But would I wear this on the weekend is another story completely.
Beautiful feather like skirt and I tried to match it with feather like hair along with it.
It reminded me of CHICAGO ( the movie ) and I started to sing "Roxie" while I put this outfit together.
Made it bolder by adding a Nuuna skin so this look would be more edgy.

Go check out lots of her other things as she also has costumes, kids clothes, shoes, and more fun entertaining stuffs.

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