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Monday, August 16, 2010

Tik Tok- Skin Reviews

~ This is my review on Tik Tok 50L and IrEn Village Hunt Skins ~

Firstly is the 50L skin that was part of the Lazy Sunday special.
Her skin is very toned and beautiful.
Since this skin is darker in the face, I decided to pair it with darker colors and with a light top from Cupcakes Sunday Bake Sale.

My favorite part of this skin is the belly button, it is just too cute. Dont you think?

( was experimenting with the pictures )

If your doing the IrEn Village Hunt then you will come across this beauty.
What stands this skin out from the other is the more pale, sultry look.
With bright light pink lips and green toned eyeshadow, I decided to put a dress that has tones of red and green from Rotten Toe.

Favorite part of this skin..the beauty marks..flawless.

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