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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soleil Review- Flower Power :)

~ Once my last blog came underway alittle ping,and suddenly got lovely items from a miss Colemarie Soleil, who has a store called Soleil. I've chosen 2 items out of the 4 she's given me and went to a beautiful landmark called Paradise Dreams..this is what I came up with ~

The first outfit is called Little Miss Sunshine ( 200 L ), now I have to say I make a very cute flower.
I am not a flower person so I have no clue what this flower is called so I am guessing Daisy like? Whichever type it is I love how she turned it into a thorn like dress making it, soft female and thorny to make it seem dangerous.

This dress is called " Lotus D'Anley " ( 300L ) and it is a more darker dress, so I decided to make a darker me the picture doesnt do justice to this beautiful dress.
It is feathery and has netting down the middle and sides making this dark look come alive. ( also one of my favorite outfits )

Check out her store for more items, they are beautiful and make me happy.
She also makes particles I didnt have a chance to take pictures with them, but she has a gacha in her store that has tones of particles...for you lovers of.uhhhh..particles..

~ I had much trouble deciding which pictures to use for this overall blog so I put all the extra's in my flickr ~ ----->

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