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Friday, September 10, 2010

Unicef Project Donate Goodies

"Project Donate is a fundraising effort, held through Sept. 19, to raise money for Unicef and the Pakistan flood crisis fund. Several designers have come together to offer some or all of their proceeds from the sale of exclusive inworld items to this worthy cause."

~ They said it better then I ever could.~

Anyways these are some of the cool thing I picked up at the Project Donate, their is alot of things you can buy but nevertheless it is pretty pricey, so make sure to save your pennies

Cobrahive Starphones-150L are simple and color interchangeable..left and right size both can be different colors and it makes for some awesome color combinations.

L.Fauna Cat Eyed Liner- 50L are 2.0 viewer material tattoo based eyeliner and it just makes your eyes a bit darker..

So go and buy something knowing your donating to a good cause, I bought many other things knowing I am doing some good in the world with my fashion habit.

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