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Monday, September 13, 2010

Twisted Hunt: #8 Heartsick and #9 [Nightshade]

~ So I am probley not gonna have alot of things to show so much from the Twisted Hunt because this month their is alot of new events going on...so I am gonna do a few more I have gotten up to no 40..and I dont think I am gonna do much after that.~


They always have beautiful full lipped skin that just makes me very happy,
for the Twisted hunt they decided to put out many different versions of the skin.

3 Versions ( big cleavage, Med cleavage or normal clevage )
I love the fact she gives us a decision on how big we want our chest. ( lol )

# 9 [NightShade]

Nightshade had alot more in the box then expected and since I am a very picky person I decided to keep just the corset that was in the box and matched it with some diamond tights.

The corset is bloody and stunning and inside the box they also give away some skins ( male and female ), eyes, and a version of the corset for the guys.

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