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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Artic Storm Goodies

~ This is gonna be a special episode of....Harley's goodies dun dun dun dun ~

I got a notecard about Artic Storm's new features and had to purchase them specially for the price it was shown
Now my pretty little formatted pictures tell you what it's called and the price..
Pretty intresting right.
( First picture was a goof...ARTIC STORM not Snow...bad bad bad )

Sassy Argyle is a pretty diamond-ed outfit with legwarmers, mini skirt and ruffles included and can be taken off, to me it is very Harley Quinn-Esq so it made me happy when putting it on...for only 10L.

As I read the notecard it continues to an outfit series being Calliente Red the first of the set for 60L, comes with leather pants, stripped red and black shirt and a red jacket layer halter top to go over it.. I found it to be practical and very sheek, specially liked the pants, leather makes me feel sexy which is a good thing..not to mention I own alot of red and black..:)

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