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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Envy Designs & Returned Karma

~ Another entry, oh yay!~

I had alot to say today, this entry is about 2 different stores, 2 different styles of outfits at cheap prices.

Envy Designs has this perky, bubblegum dress called " Vintage Tiffany " for 199L
Comes in other colors: Blue, BlackRed and Purple
I loved the Pinkdots one because it gave it more of a retro 50's feel and matched it with A-Bomb's flats.
I just look so innocent :)

On this end we have Returned Karma with her Pumpkins 4, it is featured on 25L Tuesday ( thought it was Thursday for some reason ), which made me even more prone to buy it.
For those who have it already you should get the rest of the colors..:P
and for those who don't, this outfit ( the entirely whole outfit..besides hair ) is 25L
It comes with some satchels with pumpkins in/on it and boots, layers and layers of opportunities.

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