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Friday, October 15, 2010

{Frick}'s Halloween Store Hunt.

~ Every year I look forward to {Frick}'s Halloween Hunt..I went overboard on the pictures :) ~

This year {Frick} has done her tricks and her treats and made another splendid hunt this year.
This hunt features:

1. A rocking outfit that comes in 2 different styles, a mini skirt version and a pants and tanktop version ( matched with +DV8+ kink shoes and +DV8+ stockings with Curious Kittie hair )

2. 4 different skin tones from Sugar, Ghost, Cocoa and Blush.

3. Makeup 2.0 Layer(s)
They come in 3 different shades Light to Dark
( is wearing Dark in the pictures but the picture on the left has nothing to do with it..I just wanted to put it in there for balance...lol )

4. A pair of eye's!! ( which are also in all the pictures above )

So All in all I have very pleased with the hunt items and I will wear them for my Halloween season and parties..:)

The hunt is till October 31st..So Get Hunting.

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