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Friday, October 22, 2010

Likka*House/PIDIDDLE Group Gifts.

~Group Gifties..I do enjoy them so. ~

Likka*House has put out a new group gift called "Majocco" this pretty outfit is the sexy version of a witch probley in the 20th century or so.

Full outfit ( besides shoes ) comes with:
A small hat,cape,corset top, underblooms in pantaloons form, hand cuffs and a skirt.
Since she is a witch I wanted her to look darker so I paired it up with a Frick skin and Concrete Flowers eye makeup.
Same day PIDIDDLE also gave a Group gift to her lovely group ( if you didnt already know from previous posts, her group is 150L to get into for free things)
She gives gifties often so paying for it seems pretty cheap for what you might have to pay in store wise.

Sparkling Tights are beautiful and they look like you rolled around in 2lbs of glitter to get that sparkle effect ( my opinion anyways )
Stockings, Tights and Sock Layers
Comes in colors below.

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