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Friday, October 22, 2010

Things You Missed @ Returned Karma

~ Since I was too busy on Tuesday to post the pictures I did for Returned Karma, I thought I would include it in an episode of....THINGS YOU MISSED ( all closed captioning goes to my poor blogging skills and RK...you have been warned :) ~

These were the 25L outfits from Returned Karma for 25L Tuesdays ( It has a name Tasty Tuesdays?..I think..lol )

Anyways the first outfit is non other a Barrel 'a' Karma, I love it because the scripture on the front " ~RK~ Trading " which my inital thought it " Ohhh noo, I was sold." Hence the face I am making..

I also think I died.

Underneath the barrel is actually a pretty bra and pantie set so if you feel daring to walk around in bra and panties instead of this barrel then you will look fab doing so. ( I was camera shy )

Second outfit is/ was called " Winternip" which is a beautiful full outfit with vest ( that seemed to not have fit me no matter how hard I tried to stuff my boobs in there ), fuzzy sweater w/ fuzzy sweater arm warmers, Capri's with cuff attach ables and shoes.

There was a purpose with not having the shoes posed in this picture as the wonderful, talented and friend jada Tigerpaw forgot to put the shoe base inside the box when posted for sale.
Which means anyone who gotten this lovely outfit on Tuesday is able to contact jada Tigerpaw herself and she will send a shoe base your way.
She also has got a sticky note on her head, my head and her biffle Bee so she doesn't do it again..

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