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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My First Pair of IBANEZ Eyes!

~ Yay new eyelobes~

So I admit I am probley the most picky girl when it comes to eyes, always going straight to the blue, maybe because my ACTUAL eyes are blue. No matter what store..I see them and it is like..*grabby hands* and I end up buying blue eyes.

I went to IBANEZ for the first time after much prodding and suggesting to get in there, I ended up going there and surprised to find that they were as cheap as they were for the quality produced ( 99L a pair ).

Each pair comes with prim layers as well ( which I don't get really so I don't use them ) but I bought these 2 wonderful colors.

First pair are called " Sunflower" from their Tranquil line and you have no clue how hard it was not to go straight to the blue eyes..
These eyes caught me and they are absolutely beautiful and the intensity is pretty hot.
I also purchased " Styx " from their new Softglow selections and these also come with prim layers. With the new selection of eyes also comes with a " Dark " version where the outer area around the eye ( I am not smart with technical terms ) is a darker color. ( " Light " is pictured above ).

So my experience at IBANEZ eyes was very good, I love their eyes and will go back to purchase more in the future and I would love to do more blog posts from eye perspectives..

(Eye color pops more when I am un-naturally colored )

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  1. I love that first pic! The sunflower eyes are gorgeous! And yay for non blue!! lmao