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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Truth Hair " Tamina "

I got to say when I bought this hair I had to try it on first because all the hair's I would buy with the pigtails and braids would ( to be blunt ) sink into my chest and make it non flattering.

Tamina is the first hair I bought recently from Truth that contains the prim braid which I demo-ed first and fell in love with in an instant. Truth hair is the kind you CANNOT buy just one pack, but for the moment I settled with the blonde pack which features color name's such as: Strawberry to Driftwood and Dune ( each pack has 5 different colors ).

If I havent sold you already each pack comes with even MORE features for it comes with a streak script so you can change your hair different colors within the blonde variety. I havent yet tested it on the Tamina blonde pack but the demo's show off the scripting very well.

Enjoy for you are now an owner of Truth hair. :)

Note: If you dont like the prim braid the pack also features a non primmed braid

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