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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Psychotropia Freebie and Tenbie

~ I have good pictures and then I have GOOD pictures..LOL ~

So this is the last post of the night and since the previous one was about the skin CSTAR this one is gonna be about the outfit she is in.

Psychotropia Fashion Store has come out with a TENBIE " Nadinne",
which is a cute polka dotted micro outfit to catch your prey with the sway of your hips and swoop of your hair.

FREEBIE " Laureen " is a gift that changes by weekly, so if you dont get it now there is no guarantee you will get it for the Freebie status.

Feel your wild side growing? When you put this outfit on you will become a vixen.
( Picture quality is bad, working on different techniques and finally found the one I like )

If you do plan on going to this cute little store, their is also some hunt gifts for you to spot..

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